Fire hoses

Fire Hoses

DEEP JYOTI  Fire Hose knows you need your order as soon as possible and ships most the same day—free! We work with top domestic and global hose manufacturers to supply you with the hose you need, when you need it. From double jacket to fire engine booster to LDH-supply hose, we ship direct to you from one of our many warehouse locations Find the firefighter hose category you need below, or let us know if you have a custom hose request.

DEEPJYOTI  Fire Hoses:-

  • Single jacket
  • Double jacket
  • Rubber single jacket
  • Hard rubber non collapsing tires
  • Each type of fire hose is designed for a specific purpose

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Class
  • Working Voltage
  • Thickness, Length & Width
  • Colour
  • Total Quantity Required

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  • Good Tensile Strength

    Our electrical insulating mats exhibit tensile strength of 15N/mm2 (min.)

  • Retardant To Flames

    The electrical insulating mats can extinguish fire within 5 seconds (max.)

  • Optimum Elongation

    The electrical insulating mats show Elongation at Break (E.B.) of 250% (min.)

  • Apt Working Temperature

    Our electrical insulating mats have an operating temperature of -25°C to 55°C

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