AS/NZS 2978 Insulating Mats

The manufacturing of these insulation mattings is carried out as per the AS/NZS 2978-1995 Standard that’s set by the Joint Standards Australia/New Zealand Committee EL/4. All these electrical safety mats protect & insulate people from electrical equipment generated fatal shocks. Our company offers all the types of electrical insulation mattings that include switchboard mats for protection from electrical shocks.

Two classes of these mattings are available – Class A (Thicker Mats) are meant for common purpose applications. Class B (Light Weight) ones are meant to be used upon flat indoor surfaces. Both the types of these products according to the AS/NZS 2978 Standard are projected for protecting the personnel where circumstances involve the possibility of contact with electrical equipment or conductors whose voltage does not surpass 650 V a.c. r.m.s. (or d.c.), between the conductors or even between earth & conductors. The manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

Product Code Class Recommended Thickness Max Use/Working Voltage AC Proof Voltage Approx. Weight Per Sqr Mtr.
ASNZ 001 A 6.0 mm 650 KV 15.0 KV 10.0 Kgs
ASNZ 002 B 3.0 mm 650 KV 15.0 KV 5.0 Kgs


SI.No Features Values
1 Standard Size & Design

1) 1.0 Mtr. Wide x 10.0 Mtr. Long. in Texture Design.

2) 1.2 Mtr. Wide x 10.0 Mtr. Long. in Texture Design

2 Custom Size & Design Max. width upto 2400mm & length upto 20M available in Texture Design only
3 Standard Colour Black & Blue without Metallic Derivatives. (Other colours available on request subject to availability.)
4 Manufacturing Tolerance ±10% on thickness, ±5% on length, ±2% on width


Standard Size & Design

1.0 Mtr Wide x 10.0 Mtr Long in Textured Design

Standard Colour

Black & Blue without Metallic Derivatives (Other colours available on request subject to availability)

DEEP JYOTI Electrical Insulating Mat (IS AS or NZS 2978-1995) is used for:-

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In front of Switchboards
  • Electrical Substations
  • Around Bus Bars
  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Class
  • Working Voltage
  • Thickness, Length & Width
  • Colour
  • Total Quantity Required

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  • Resistant To Tear

    Our mats display good resistance property measuring 18 N/mm (min.)

  • Electrical Insulation

    Our mats exhibit an electrical insulation measuring 160 mA/m2 (max.)

  • Optimum Elongation At Break (E.B.)

    The mats exhibit a value of 200% (min.) in terms of E.B.

  • Apt Tensile Strength

    The mats have a Tensile strength (T.S.) of 5.0 Mpa (min.

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