Chevron (Cleated) Conveyor Belt

Chevron (Cleated) Conveyor Belt

Chevron Cleated Rubber Conveyor Belts are meant to be utilized in conveying materials effectively at inclines greater than 18o angle. The regular (smooth) surface pattern conveyors are prone to slippage and so the role of CHEVRON BELTS is vital in the material handling industry. It provides a suitable solution to convey numerous materials between 18⁰ to 45⁰ inclinations.

DEEPJYOTI Products has introduced high performance and qualitative Chevron Resistant Conveyor Belts that are noted for their long service life & provide better flexibility due to homogeneous Chevron profiles, which are vulcanised together with the base belt. The types of Chevron Cleated Belts our company offers are V-Cleats, Y 1-Cleats, Y 2-Cleats and C-Cleats.

DEEPJYOTI Chevron Resistant Conveyor Belt is widely used in Bulk Material Handling areas such as:-

  • Gravels
  • Wood Chips
  • Pellets
  • Metal Scrap
  • As well as unit loads – bagged materials, sacks, crates, etc.

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Belt Width (mm)
  • Belt Strength (kN/mtr)
  • Numbers of Ply
  • Top Cover Thickness (mm)
  • Bottom Cover Thickness (mm)
  • Belt Length (m)
  • Number of Rolls required
  • Cleat Type/Profile
  • Cleat Height
  • Cleat Width
  • Cleat Thickness
  • Cleat Pitch

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  • Distinctive Profile Height

    Our belts have a typical profile height of 16mm & 25mm

  • Belt Width

    The belt width is available in minimum 400mm to maximum of 1200mm

  • Anti-Slippage

    The cleated belts are never prone to slippage unlike regular conveyor belts

  • Typical Construction

    NN/EP 250/2 – 3.5/1.5, NN/EP 250/2 – 3.5/1.5 & NN/EP 500/4 – 4/2

  • High Incline

    Our cleated belts operate at inclines greater than 18° angles

  • Customised Solution

    Our cleated belts can be custom designed as per customer request

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