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Cow Rubber Mats are meant to be an excellent option for flooring purposes within cattle sheds. Their benefits make for a win-win situation for both the cattle, especially cows and their owners. These mats are required to keep dairy cows comfortable and safe while they stand at a single place for extended span of time. They are durable and immensely hard wearing to offer superb animal protection and comfort. These rubber mats aren’t just easy to clean but the increased comfort they provide to these animals increase their productivity. Since owners need to ensure that cows should produce good quality milk so their comfort and well-being is taken care of through top quality rubber cow mats.

DEEPJYOTI Rubber Mats are designed out of micro cellular blend of EVA (or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), popularly known as the expanded foam or foam rubber. Here, the rubber incorporates numerous tiny air bubbles that ensure Soft, Warm & Comfortable bedding for Dairy cows. For the farmers it provides convenience in terms of cost, labour and drainage efficiency by keeping the mat dry. Thus, our products limit the growth of pathogens and ultimately help in maintaining the health of the cows.

  • Deepjyoti Cow Rubber Mat is used for:-

    • Absorbing noise from machinery and animal movement
    • Softening the flooring of sheds to take more and longer steps everyday
    • Providing positive impact on cows through soft surface to increase milk production
    • Preventing cows from fatigue by insulating the floor for reducing humidity and cold

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Dimension (Thickness x Width x Length)
  • Surface Finish
  • Total Quantity Required

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  • Non-porous Construction

    Our rubber mats are non-porous in nature to smoothen surfaces for cows

  • Excellent Physical Properties

    Our cow rubber mats are 15 Kgs in weight with density of 250 Kgs/m3

  • Anti-slip Finish

    It can be assured that cows won’t slip while standing or walking on our mats

  • Easy to Clean

    Our cow rubber mats are easy to clean and more hygienic for cattle

  • Stunning Appearance

    The cow rubber mats have a cubicle structure and are black in colour

  • Great Insulation

    The mats exhibit excellent floor insulation during low temperature

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