Fine Ribbed Rubber Mat

Fine Ribbed Rubber Mat

Fine Ribbed Rubber Mats are known to have anti-slip ribbed top surface on one side along with a high grip cloth impression on the other side. These mats are ideally meant for usage in work benches, walkways, production assembly lines, construction sites, dog training facilities, floors, loading areas, runners, and much more. Their usage is widespread due to the hygienic, hard wearing, economical and ideal anti-slip floor covering aspect.

These products can be glued directly upon existing flooring in most of the cases or even installed as a new flooring altogether. The rubber flutes act as scrapers to withhold debris, dirt and deliver grip at the same time. The mats not just manage wet weather conditions, but they also function as a reliable and safe no-slip mat. Customers can get tailor-made rubber ribbed products for the area they wish to cover. The products don’t just exhibit excellent anti-slip properties and assist in preventing injuries and falls but also provide great flexibility. Apart from being comfortable due to its slip-resistant nature, they are cost-effective for commercial usage.

  • Deep Jyoti Fine Ribbed Rubber Mat is used for:-

    • Wet Areas due to excellent no-slip feature
    • Protecting subflooring from impact and liquids due to Watertight surface
    • A liner for maintenance and tool carts
    • Soothing footsteps over noisy tiled areas
    • Workbenches and Shelving protection
    • Easily cutting to the necessary shape

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Dimension (Length x Width x Thickness)

  • Application/End Use

  • Working Temperature in °C

  • Tensile Strength & Elongation at Break

  • Hardness

  • Specific Gravity

  • Abrasion Resistance

  • Colour

  • Surface Finish

  • Total Quantity Required

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  • Anti-fatigue Design

    The mats with a hardness of 65° Shore A is anti-fatigue in nature

  • Choice of Colour

    The mats are available in black, grey, green and other colour

  • Wide Temperature Range

    The mats have an operating temperature range of -10 to 70°C

  • Suitable for Long Hours

    The mats with compression of 36% @ 50 PSI is suitable for long working hours

  • Heavy Traffic Handling

    The mats are made up of a material of NR/SBR Blend to sustain heavy traffic

  • Easy to Clean

    These mats are effortlessly cleaned through the process of reverse rolling.

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