Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

DEEPJYOTI Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts for surface applications are utilized for conveying coal in places such as thermal power plants and open cast coal mines for safety reasons. Safety of life, material and property becomes of utmost importance and hence these Fire Resistant belting solutions come into the picture.

They don’t allow fire to spread for long distances during material transportation in the mining process since they are made up of self-extinguishing covers. The products are viewed to be an extremely economical method of transporting fire prone materials safe and sound. We follow the various Indian & International Standards to manufacture the Fire Resistant Belts with EPDM/Chloroprene Cover Compounds.

DEEPJYOTI Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt is used for:-

  • Suitable for carrying self-igniting or fire prone materials
  • Frequent usage in Thermal Power Stations for feeding of coal
  • Frequent usage in Coal Mines

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Belt Width
  • Belt Strength
  • Numbers of Ply
  • Top cover thickness
  • Bottom cover thickness
  • Belt Length
  • Number of Rolls required

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  • Fire Outbreak Prevention

    Rubber covers and skim is engineered to resist fire outbreak & its spreading

  • Anti-Static Properties

    Special design to display anti-static properties to maintain safety

  • Special Chemicals

    Special chemicals are used in the cover rubber to act as an insulating layer

  • Self-extinguishing Nature

    Special compound are used having self-extinguishing nature for fire spreading prevention

  • International Standards

    The belts can be designed to meet DIN, CAN, ISO or MHA Standards

  • Superior Additives Insertion

    Special additives are inserted in the cover rubber to protect ignitable carcass

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