Food Grade Conveyor Belt

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

Food Grade Conveyor Belts are meant to be utilized in application areas of industrial food processing and manufacturing. These belts come in direct contact with food items and hence their surface compounds should adhere to rigorous FDA standards. These conveyor belts for food industry are designed with utmost care so that their surfaces don’t chemically react with food items coming in contact with them.

DEEPJYOTI FOOD GRADE Conveyor Belts are used in food packaging industry, hotel industry, sugar industry, tea estates and so on. They are usually white in colour.

DEEPJYOTI Food Grade Conveyor Belt is used for:-

  • Food Processing
  • Fish and Meat
  • Seeds and Sugar
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Poultry
  • Packaging
  • Confectionaries

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Product to be conveyed
  • Belt Width
  • Belt Strength
  • Numbers of Ply
  • Top cover thickness
  • Bottom cover thickness
  • Belt Length
  • Number of Rolls required

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  • High Tensile Strength

    Our belt covers have a very high tensile strength of min. 17 Mpa

  • Special Rubber Compound

    The sheets are typically made of Natural Rubber

  • Wide Working Temperature

    Our belts have an operating temperature of -40° to +70° C

  • High Elongation

    The cover exhibit an elongation at break of more than 650%

  • Uncompromised Quality

    The belts always adhere to the latest food standards

  • Tasteless & Odourless

    These belts don’t emit any taste or smell even in close food interaction

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