General Duty Conveyor Belt

General Duty Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belts and Systems have been helping to ensure the prosperity and growth of the manufacturing industry globally since decades. These belts are meant to carry medium within a belt conveyor system. This system contains two or more pulleys which are also known as drums. It’s with an unending loop of carrying medium which is the conveyor belt that keeps rotating about them.

General Duty Rubber Conveyor Belts in India are designed in a way that they are highly resistant to abrasion along with other factors such as scratches and cuts. They are reinforced with superior quality of Nylon/EP fabric. DEEPJYOTI is the One Stop Solution to provide for all types of Rubber Belt Conveyors, especially the General Duty Conveyor Belts. Our General Duty Rubber Belt Conveyors are designed from a special combination of natural & synthetic materials, different fabrics and polymers. They are meant to minimize the requirement for expensive maintenance towards the belt.

 DEEPJYOTI General Duty Conveyor Belt is used for:-

  • Coking Conveyors
  • Coal Handling Plants
  • Sand, Stone & Gravel Industry
  • Cement, Concrete Plants
  • Timber Industry & Sawmills
  • Road Construction Machinery
  • Power Plants & Garbage Incineration Plants

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Belt Width
  • Belt Strength
  • Numbers of Ply
  • Top cover thickness
  • Bottom cover thickness
  • Belt Length
  • Number of Rolls required

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  • High Abrasion Resistance

    Our conveyor belts exhibit high level of resistance to abrasion

  • Low Elongation

    Elongation in our conveyor belts is low & thus it’s low on maintenance

  • High Resistance to Cut

    Our conveyor belts are highly resistant to cut and tear

  • Different Standards

    We follow different Indian & International Standards to deliver the best possible solutions

  • Anti-Slip Capability

    Our conveyor belts do not slip of the pulley system under consideration

  • Top-notch Quality

    The conveyor belts are made from superior EP/Nylon fabric and compounds to reduce downtime

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