PVC Geomembrane

PVC Geomembrane

DEEP JYOTI” PVC Geomembranes are designed generally by the extrusion procedure. It’s a low permeability geosynthetic material used in geotechnical and civil engineering applications with the purpose of reducing or preventing the flow of fluid through the construction. They are designed as non-reinforced, cost-effective, highly flexible and waterproofing products with numerous uses & advantages.

Geomembranes are made of PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride which is the chiefly used lining material and most commonly specified too both for covered and exposed applications. We at Deep jyoti deliver weather / UV resistant PVC Geomembranes of top quality to our customers across the globe. Our PVC products are available at extremely reasonable prices.

DEEP JYOTI PVC Geomembranes are used for:-

  • Liners in agricultural industry
  • Containing and transporting fluids within trucks
  • Seepage control as floating reservoirs for drainage control
  • Waterproofing lining within pipelines & tunnels
  • Construction of concealed
  • Containment-membranes — Examples are ponds and lakes, canals,            reservoirs, landfill liners, covers and closures or similar installations where the membrane is inaccessible once the  construction is complete.
  • Packing material for some of the industrial products

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Dimension (Thickness x Width x Length)
  • Total Quantity Required

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  • High Flexibility

    Our geomembrane is immensely flexible for fluid control

  • Aesthetic Appeal

    Deep jyoti geomembrane have an aesthetic appeal to the eyes

  • Easy Splicing

    The PVC geomembrane are capable for splicing application on field

  • Excellent Waterproofing

    The PVC geomembrane don’t get affected by water or rains

  • Weather Resistant

    Our geomembrane products are very resistant to weather factors & abrasion

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