PVC Water Stop

PVC Water Stop

“DEEP JYOTI” PVC Water Stop are manufactured for preventing leakage in concrete buildings as well as structures by reducing the potential risk of discomposure. These seals deliver a physical hindrance to water at concrete joints such as water retaining structures like structural foundations, swimming pools, water tanks & other below ground level constructions. They are embedded in the concrete joints  and functions competently as a watertight diaphragm, essentially to prohibit any seepage of water in construction joints due to hydrostatic pressure. It is quite capable of withstanding any expansion and contraction in the construction joints.

“DEEP JYOTI” PVC Water Stop are highly flexible and is made out of top quality thermoplastic vinyl resins suitable to resist mechanical stresses extensively and cope with aggressive chemical action  in alkaline environment, sea-water and acids. It can very well be used within concrete structures that is exposed to temperatures from -30°C to +70°C and is highly resistant to damage caused by sunlight, ozone and other aggressive agents present in the atmosphere and water table. Our seals are available in the market at reasonable rates that customers can’t resist.

“DEEP JYOTI” PVC Water Stopper Seals are used for:-

  • Sealing at RCC Masonry concrete joints thus preventing any leakage of water in or out through joints

  • Ideal for water and wastewater treatment facilities

  • Excellent for primary and secondary containment structures

  • Perfect for tunnels and culverts

  • Good for dams, locks, canals and water reservoirs

  • Suitable for swimming pools, storage tanks, foundations

  • Concrete retaining walls

  • Basement slabs

  • Tunnels that have concrete or expansion joints in contact with water, etc

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Dimensions (Thickness x Width x Length)

  • Colour

  • Total Quantity

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  • Strong Mechanical Properties

    Our seals exhibit high elasticity and tensile strength

  • Chemical Resistance

    Our seals can cope with aggressive chemicals like alkalis, sea-water and acids

  • High Endurance

    The seals possess endurance for high hydrostatic pressure

  • Optimum Temperature Range

    Suitable for use in concrete structures upto -30°C to +70°C

  • Form Endurance

    The capability to withstand any expansion and contraction in the construction

  • Weather Resistant

    Highly resistant to ozone & weathering

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