Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings

Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings

Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings are known to have good abrasion qualities and are connected to Victaulic couplings. Since many decades rubber lined pipes in India have proved to be a general, practical and economical method to convey abrasive slurries & fluids. The products help to save on maintenance costs upon unlined metal pipes in such types of services.

DEEPJYOTI  Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings are extremely useful since they combine their abrasion resistant properties of synthetic or natural rubber with the strength & rigidity of the metal concerned. Lined pipe & fittings are presented with Victaulic grooved ends from leading industry lining applicators along with different types of lining material for handling a wide range of abrasive materials.

DEEPJYOTI Rubber Lined Equipments are used for:-

  • Acid / Chemical Storage Tanks  
  • Pipes and Fittings, Stacks and Ducts
  • Centrifuge baskets and hydro-extractor
  • Pressure vessels

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  • Compact Design

    Our pipes & fittings have a compact design to convey abrasive slurries

  • Good Temperature Resistance

    The rubber lined fittings & pipes are greatly resistant to extreme temperatures

  • Highly Resistant To Abrasion

    The pipes & fittings show high resistance to abrasion from certain fluids

  • High Durability

    The durability factor in our Pipes & Fittings is highly durable & economical

  • High Tensile Strength

    Our fittings & pipes contain high tensile strength feature

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