Sidewalled Conveyor Belt

Sidewalled Conveyor Belt

Sidewall Conveyor Belts are meant to be utilized in for avoiding spillage and for checking the possibility of bulk materials sliding back while transporting them to a certain height. Now much space isn’t required with the introduction of Sidewall Corrugated Belts for achieving the required elevation as they can operate within a confined space. Thus, Sidewalled Conveyor Belt is much more economical than the conventional rubber conveyor belts, as it obliges greater area of installation for attaining the desired elevation.

DEEP JYOTI SIDEWALL CORRUGATED BELTS are ideal for continuous transportation of various bulk materials at any inclination from 0⁰ to 90⁰, ensuring ideal utilisation of space. It has the unique ability for carrying wide variety of materials, which include size particles up to 400mm. Generally, it’s available in abrasion resistant grade, but can also be supplied in FR, OR and HR grades on request. The CLEAT of DEEP JYOTI belt is reinforced with fabric; it’s solid & anti-shock to avoid distortion and normally used up to 60⁰C. Sidewall cleat and base belt are joined through hot vulcanization. Cleat and Sidewall are bolted to prevent leakage.

DEEP JYOTI Sidewall Conveyor Belt is used for materials transportation in fields such as:-

  • Ports
  • Metallurgy and Mining
  • Coal and Electricity
  • Cement and other Building Materials
  • Food and Fertilizers

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Belt Width

  • Belt Strength

  • Numbers of Ply

  • Top cover thickness

  • Bottom cover thickness

  • Cleat Dimension

  • Side Wall Dimension

  • Belt Length

  • Number of Rolls required

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  • Low Maintenance

    Our belts need minimum maintenance apart from being abrasion resistant

  • Awesome Handling

    The belts are good at fast & bulk material handling capability

  • High Quality Standards

    Highest national & global standards for wear resistance and tensile strength

  • Low Space Requirement

    Our belts are capable to operate within a limited space area with ease

  • Zero Spillage

    Our belts are designed to always ensure no spillage of bulk material

  • Big Carrying Capacity

    The belts exhibit ample capacity to carry huge size particles with ease

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