Slurry Rubber Hose

Slurry Rubber Hose

Slurry Rubber Hoses are meant to be utilized for mud-slurry operations such as discharge and suction. These products are designed by slurry rubber hose suppliers with a corrugated cover for providing flexibility.

Deep jyoti  SLURRY / MUD HOSE provides exceptional worthy service for suction of mud and slurry from the fields during irrigation.

  • Reinforcement is with combination of natural & synthetic fibre / galvanised steel wire applied by appropriate technique.
  • The inner lining / tube are designed from exceptionally high quality rubber compound made by blending natural and different variety of synthetic rubbers to ensure that it offers high resistance to abrasion and water absorption. It is smooth, seamless, uniform in thickness, reasonably concentric and free from air blisters, porosity and splits.
  • The outside cover of the hose has corrugated finish and is made from most suitable rubber compound, which is resistant to ozone, abrasion and weather and it is free from any visible defects, such as blisters, porosity and splits.
  • Available in I.D. – 3 inches to 22 inches
  • Vibration frequency: 08 to 12 cycles / sec
  • Service temperature range: -5⁰C to 70⁰C
  • Length: According to customer’s requirement

Deep jyoti Slurry Rubber Hoses are used for:-

  • Suction of mud and slurry from the fields during irrigation

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Required hose I.D.

  • Required vibration frequency

  • Working Temperature

  • External Condition if any

  • End Connection Details

  • Required length of each hose

  • Whether to be supplied with built end flanges

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  • Exceptional Flexibility

    Our hoses are immensely flexible in nature to face muddy environments

  • Total Leak Proofing

    Our hoses do not leak due to their corrugated cover & robust surface design

  • Resistant To Chemicals

    The hoses have appreciable chemical resistance property, including petroleum

  • Perfect Working Temperature

    The hoses possess a perfect service temperature range of -5⁰C to 70⁰C

  • Extremely Light Weight

    The hoses are very much light to carry to place them in any field location

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