Viton Rubber Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheet

Viton®/FKM – Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheets are high performance synthetic rubber sheets with phenomenal properties, particularly while working with aggressive chemicals & fuels. The Chemical Name of this material is Hexa-Fluoro-Propylene Vinyl-Idene Fluoride. These sheets are known for their exceptional resistance towards heat and have a temperature range of -40 to 250oC. The sheets are meant to be used within environments where they can come in contact with aggressive fuels and chemicals. All these products by numerous viton rubber sheet manufacturers are designed with cent percent pure FKM Fluoroelastomer Polymer sourced from world’s most reliable sources. This versatile product is in use since the past fifty years or more to cater towards the requirements of the aerospace industry due to their super high performance. They also find their usefulness in the oil, automotive, appliance, chemical and fluid power industries immensely.

Deep Jyoti Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheets moreover, are designed to be reasonably priced but always fit to deliver outstanding performance in extremely corrosive situations and hot surroundings.

Viton®/FKM – Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet is used for:

  • Oil Industry
  • Food and Processing Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Automotive Sector
  • Fluid Power Sector

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Class
  • Working Voltage
  • Thickness, Length & Width
  • Colour
  • Total Quantity Required

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  • Excellent Heat Stability

    The sheets are highly stable even at working temperatures as high as 250 °C

  • Shore Hardness

    These sheets have a Hardness of 70 °Shore A & can face corrosive environments

  • Chemically Inert

    High resistance towards most aggressive chemicals as well as fuels

  • High Resilience

    These sheets surely possess high level of resilience along with good flexibility

  • Widest Temperature Coverage

    Temperature range of -40 to 250 °C

  • Most Versatile Polymer

    FKM Sheets is most versatile among all polymers but expensive

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