Rubber O Rings

Rubber O Rings

DEEP JYOTI  brings to its valued customers the best possible custom designed Rubber Industrial Sealing Products which include ‘O’ Rings & Oil Seals and always reaching highest level of customer satisfaction using high-class technology. These products are manufactured by only using superior quality synthetic rubber such as FKM/ Viton (Fluoroelastomer), FVMQ (Fluorosilicone), VMQ (Silicone), Viton (Fluorocarbon), NBR (Nitrile), CR (Neoprene) etc.

‘O’ Rings are doughnut shaped rings that are placed in a groove & compressed to seal fluid or gas from passing from a particular point. DEEPJYOTI  also provides its customers with O-Rings Rubber Cords in India & globally that have an o-profile with precision & specific choice of material. They are supplied as ejected cords that are cut to lengths as per customers’ requirements. Oil seals are meant to stop whatever fluid is inside from leaking out the clearance between the shaft and housing. The seal may also be used to prevent outside materials, such as dirt, from moving in through the clearance. DEEPJYOTI is a rubber oil seals manufacturer whose custom designed seals are always best at retaining lubricants, exclude containments, separate fluids and very well confines pressure.

  • O-Rings – to seal fluid or gas from passing

  • Oil Seals – to stop whatever fluid is inside from leaking out the clearance between the shaft and housing

Please provide us the following details at the time of inquiry/order:

  • Design / Sketch / Dimension
  • Function
  • Type of synthetic rubber preferred

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  • Custom Designed

    Our O-rings & oil seals are designed as per customer needs

  • Leak Prevention

    Our products are good at leakage prevention, sealing & stopping of fluids

  • Excellent Technology

    The products deliver highest precious using latest technology

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our oil-seals & o-rings always ensure satisfied customers

  • Exceptional Raw Material

    Choice of high grade synthetic rubber as raw material is done for the products

  • Brilliant Commercial Usage

    The O-rings & oil seals are reasonably priced for commercial use

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